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Have you ever wondered what photographers do for their own nuptials if all they see week in, week out are weddings? How do they make their weddings different so it doesn’t feel like just another event? We’ve been featured in The Wedding Notebook -  

When a wedding photographer weds


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I love Indian weddings! I love the colours, the vibrance and the myriad of emotions that comes with every Indian wedding. Best part is you don’t need to look very hard for a good shot. It’s…

Munesh & Punitha


I’ve known Grace for more than 10 years dating back to my undergraduate days. So, I’m very happy that Grace has decided to tie the knot, even happier that she has asked me to be her wedding photographer. Nothing beats documenting a wedding of someone that…

Leon & Grace

Album IMG001_ce

Introducing the handmade JAPANESE STORYBOOK photo album handcrafted and made in the traditional Japanese book-binding method. The Japanese StoryBook photo album is made by the hand-crafters from The Royal Workshop Japan and it’s available EXCLUSIVELY to wedding couples who are having their pre-wedding done by in…

Japanese StoryBook photo album


For the last 8 years, I’ve helped countless wedding couples document perhaps the most important day of their life and I’ve always been known to be the man behind the lens for as long as I could remember. Came Feb 22, it was finally my…

Justine & Brian


This is our first GSS ever! We’ve never done it in the past but we thought we’ll try it out this year. For those who have known us for a while, we welcome you back. If this your first time hearing about us, we’re first and foremost Cinematic Wedding Photographers. We suggest…

This is our first GSS


Art Direction & Photography: Brian Ho / thegaleria Cinematic Editing: thegaleria Labs Filmed on: Kodak Ektar 100 / Kodak Potra 400 / Kodak TRI-X Lomo camera: Diana F+

Rony & Susan / Post-Wedding


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