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I’ve written this article for quite a while but didn’t really find time to share it with anyone until now. So, here’s my “lomography story”. Do share with me your thoughts on lomography, how it has changed yours perspective on photography or if you feel…

Lomography Weddings….here’s my story


I couldn’t share this set of photos I took in Hong Kong earlier as Alvin & Wendy wanted to keep them a surprise before their wedding day.  This shoot is unique in many ways as they were all taken while Hong Kong was asleep, to be…

Alvin & Wendy / Hong Kong


I’ve never met nor spoken to Jamie nor Justin prior to their wedding day. I live in sunny (and humid) Singapore while Jamie & Justin are from the United States. So, talking on phone let alone meeting up for a chat was a little challenging…

Jamie & Justin / Krabi


I first met Kevin & Noraini at Mason’s wedding show. Noraini is a huge fan of film photography, so we had a lot in common. As a photographer, nothing beats having a wedding couple who completely trust your art direction and this was certainly the…

Kevin & Noraini


One of the hottest day that one can ever imagine as the sun came out blazing. I remember being completely drenched just after an hour in the open. Nevertheless, it’s always good to be back at the grand old dame which to me is still the most…

Frédéric & Gladdy at the Raffles Hotel


This is my maiden trip to East Malaysia and certainly my first wedding assignment in Sarawak. Teja learned about my film photography works from a wedding feature in Malaysia and what started as a series of email correspondence turn out to be a wedding experience like no other.…

Teja & U-Jiun at Santubong


For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to give my wedding couples a memento from their wedding. Used film canister did come into picture several times but I didn’t know what to do with it until Justine came up with this brilliant idea of turning…

Handmade Film Canister Flash Drives




White, long, puffy bridal gowns are not everyone’s cup of tea, and we have always recognised that a wedding should be individually created to celebrate the lives of the bridal couple. Here, Justine shared the details of how her wedding dress by Amanda Lee came…

Not Your Regular Bridal Gown


Have you ever wondered what photographers do for their own nuptials if all they see week in, week out are weddings? How do they make their weddings different so it doesn’t feel like just another event? We’ve been featured in The Wedding Notebook –  

When a wedding photographer weds


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I love Indian weddings! I love the colours, the vibrance and the myriad of emotions that comes with every Indian wedding. Best part is you don’t need to look very hard for a good shot. It’s…

Munesh & Punitha


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